International 4H Youth Exchange

World peace through understanding

IFYE historie


Det hele startet etter andre verdenskrig...

After World War II, in 1947 the IFYE programme was started as a means to rebuild personal relations between youth from the USA and countries all over the world. Funding was initially provided through the Marshal plan. Some of the participating countries developed exchange programmes with other countries, while in other countries the exchange never evolved beyond the bilateral exchange with the USA.

4H organised the exchange in the USA. In the countries that had 4H organisations, the exchange was known as International 4H Youth Exchange (IFYE). Other countries preferred the term International Farm Youth Exchange (IFYE).

As the world entered the cold war, the IFYE programme was closed successively in some countries as a form of sanction. The last of the Soviet Block countries to operate a programme with the USA was Poland, where the last exchangee from the USA left in 1980. Although conditions in participating countries have been different, there has been a tendency of government involvement and financing drying up.


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